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The Curriculum of CCS is fed by three fundamental sources: establishment of “Learning Objectives,” implementation of an “Instructional Design,” and utilizing appropriate “Resources.”




The Learning Objective is the “Main Thing” we want students to know. It details the skill or knowledge that the students should be able to demonstrate at the end of the lesson.

Instructional Design is the format by which we plan lessons. Our Instructional Design focuses on four components.

  • Learning Purpose - The learning purpose is communicated in student-friendly terms. It can be expressed in the form of an “I can” statement or using the SWBAT method (Students Will Be Able To). The goal is for students to understand what they are learning and why.
  • The “Hook” or Connection to Prior Knowledge - We understand that all new learning needs to connect in some way to prior knowledge. It is often called the “hook” because we want new information to hook onto the long term memory of students.
  • Instructional Delivery - Instructional Delivery is a process of gradual release. At the beginning stages of new instruction, the teacher maintains close control over student activities. As the students become more confident with the content, the teacher gradually releases students to work in groups and individually. 
  • Review and Closure - At the end of a lesson, it is important for the teacher to summarize and relate the lesson back to the Learning Purpose. Many times a teacher can use this time to gauge whether the lesson was effective.


Resources are the tools and activities that students complete during a lesson and outside of the classroom. It is important that the resources are selected or designed to align with the Learning Purpose. Resources come in many forms and may range from a predesigned publication or computer generated activity to a resource that was designed and created by the teacher.

Monitoring - Lessons are routinely monitored by the Administration using a “Walkthrough” format or by “Formal Observation."