Community Christian School

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School Information

Community Christian School

5160 Packhouse Road 

Wilson, NC 27896 


Headmaster: Dr. Steven Wall, [email protected]

Associate Head of School: Lesley Pierce, [email protected]

High School Guidance & Career Counselor: Jeannie Lyndon, [email protected]

Athletic Director: Kelly Bradshaw, [email protected]


Mission Statement

Community Christian School will be the light in our community by developing Christian leaders in a grace-filled family atmosphere and by cultivating the God-given talents of our students with a Christ-centered education.


Christ Centered

Through our Christian walk we grow closer to our Lord. We believe it is our role as a school to help guide our students along their walk as they grow in their faith.

Community Focused

We are committed to our surrounding area and it is our desire to improve the lives of those in our community through service, partnership, and outreach.

Success for All

We believe that every child has God-given talents and it is our role as a school to prepare and grow our students for their future through academic rigor.



Community Christian School is the only K-12th grade non-denominational, Christian educational option for families in Wilson County and all surrounding communities. We will provide our students with a Christ-centered, loving, and encouraging environment in which to learn about God’s word. Each student is treated as the precious and unique child of God that he/she is, being encouraged to reach their potential in creativity and knowledge. 



We are a member of the North Carolina Christian School Association, but are not yet accredited. We are currently pursuing accreditation.


Academic Calendar

Our academic year consists of two semesters with 4 nine-week quarters.


Teacher-to-Student Ratio

The average K-12 teacher-student ratio is 12 to 1. This number may vary based on grade level and course enrollments.


Enrollment Numbers



Elementary School: 174 Middle School: 111 High School: 94
Kindergarten: 19 Sixth: 39 Ninth: 22
First: 34 Seventh: 30 Tenth: 26
Second: 33 Eighth: 42 Eleventh: 26
Third: 35   Twelfth: 20
Fourth: 24    
Fifth: 29    


Student Population

Multi-Racial: 3.28 percent

Hispanic: 5.29 percent

Asian: 0.5 percent

African-American: 5.29 percent

White: 85.39 percent

*There’s also one who didn’t fill out this information, which is the last 0.25 percent.


Class of 2023

Community Christian School graduated 14 students. The students matriculated to:

46% four-year college

38% two-year, community or technical college

15% undecided


Grading Scale

Letter / Numeric value / GPA Points

A 100-89.5 4
B 89.4-79.5 3
C 79.4-69.5 2
D 69.4-59.5 1
F 59.4-0 0