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Welcome to Middle School History!

Welcome to my page! Please look around, if you may have any questions..I am just an email away.

The best way to communicate with me is through remind or email. (Please note that I do not respond to emails after 4:30pm)



All resources and most up-to-date information relative to History will be provided via Google Classroom.

Any important reminders or upcoming dates will be relayed in class and on remind.



Overview of Middle School History Timeline


Grade 6:

  • In the Beginning
  • How to study history

→ What is a historian? Why do we study history?

  • Mesopotamia

→ Civilizations

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Israel
  • Ancient India
  • Ancient China

About we have the silk road to get around from China to Europe. 

  • Ancient Persia
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • Byzantine Empire


Grade 7:

  • Mesoamerica (Olmecs, Mayas, Aztecs)

→ They created what?! How?!

  • Ancient Africa
  • Ancient Japan
  • Middle Ages

→ “I dub thee Dame Figueroa…”

  • Age of Exploration & The New World 

Change from Heritage Studies 6 to American Republic Part I (8th)

  • Settling the North American Wilderness

→ Discovery of a new world!

→ Settlement of the Thirteen Colonies 

→ Expansion and Establishment of Colonies

→ American Colonies in the British Empire

  • Establishing a Nation

→ Independence for the Colonies

→ Confederation and Constitution 

→ New Government

  • Spanning a Continent

→ Growth

→ Westward Expansion


Grade 8:

  • Facing a Crisis

     → War between the states

→ Reconstruction

  • Growing to Meet Challenges
    → The Last Frontier
    → Industrialism
    → Progressivism
  • USA Takes the Lead Globally


     → 1920s 

→ Global Depression


  • More Recent History

→ Cold War

→ 1960s, 1970s, 1980s

→ 1990s, 2000s