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Welcome my page! Look around, I am attempting to keep everything updated and slightly ahead of schedule, but if you have any questions just send me an email. I communicate best by email! (I am a mother of young children and will not reply after 6pm, but I do check it around 6am)
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Recent Posts

SP2: ¡Día de México!

En viernes el 17 de marzo, vamos a celebrar México aunque es el día de San Patrick. :) 
Vamos comer; beber; bailar; escuchar música; jugar deportes; hablar del historia, geografía, economía, y los drogas illegales. 

SP2: U4L1 Imperfect Tense

On 3/14, we began the imperfect tense. We completed ex. 5-8. (note: ex. 7 requires hearing the story). If you were absent, make up the work. 

SP2: U3L2 Irregular Preterite Cont.

Ex.11,12,13 &
Escribe un cuento en dos parráfos para un niño.  

SP2: U3L2 Irregular Preterite

We did Irregular Preterite verbs today. Please study up on them! 
Ex. 5-10


We're on WW2 and working on worksheets and lectures all class, so if you miss, you will have to get all the info from a friend. 

USH B: 3/3/17 UPDATE

Due to Beta Club inductions and missing class time, please write 4+ paragraphs about the the Eisenhower reading. We will discuss it quickly (15min) on Monday, but we have to move on into the 40s. 

USH: Class Discussion 2/23

In class we discussed Prohibition and the extent to which the government should be in our daily lives. If you were absent please answer the following questions in essay form. 
Is the government allowed to regulate alcohol consumption? Is it constitutional? Can the government regulate morals? How about your personal morality? To which extent should the government be in your life or what role should they play?

USH: Ken Burns: Prohibition

If you were absent on 2/21-2/22, we watched Ken Burns: Prohibition. I have handed out a worksheet in class on 2/21. It is due 2/23.  You can find the film on Amazon Prime and in various illicit areas of the web.
We will continue discussing the 20's in class on 2/23.  

USH: HW PGS. 440-448

Weekend homework, setting us up for the film Ken Burns: Prohibition on Tuesday, Wednesday and may some Thursday.Please read and take notes on pgs. 440-448 and complete the section quiz.