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Welcome my page! Look around, I am attempting to keep everything updated and slightly ahead of schedule, but if you have any questions just send me an email. I communicate best by email! (I am a mother of young children and will not reply after 6pm, but I do check it around 6am)
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Headmaster is up & running!
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Recent Posts

USH B: 4/3 Test Returns

On 4/3 the Unit 6 test will be returned to the student. Each student will have the opportunity to correct their test for half credit on the night of 4/3. They will be due back on Tuesday 4/4 BEFORE chapel. If a student chooses not to correct, or forgets, the grade on top of the test will stand. 

Sp2: el 30 de marzo

We covered tu commands & usted commands. 
pgs. R. 29 & pgs. 257
We did exercises 6, 7 and 9. Please make up this work. Due 4/3 since 3/31 will be the ASVAB test. 

Sp2: el 29 de marzo

In class today, we practiced our new vocab words (p. 273) and translated A, B, C, D (p. 256-257) and completed exercises 1, 2, 3, and 5 (p 258-260). 
Lastly, we worked a little bit on the Supermarket Ad. 

SP2: Ex. 19 pg. 237

3 paragraphs minimum. (Remember 1 paragraph is 5 sentences)
Due Monday if you were absent from class! 

USH B: Extra Credit Opp

Due to interest in the Holocaust, I will offer extra credit for watching a documentary/film on it. Some had expressed interest in Schindler's List. Other films could be found on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, or even some older ones on Youtube. 
I only require a 1 page paper in 12pt font, about your opinions, shock, or thoughts on the Nazis, Jews or how much it matters today. I can apply this a missing homework or 10 points towards a low grade. 

USH: Sgt York Film & SQ

Don't forget to write you 2 paragraphs on Sgt York from today & read pgs. 425-428 and do the Section Quiz


If you were absent on 3/17, you need to make up the grade by writing a paper about the topic you were given. Due by 3/21. 

USH B: HW 3/17

Response 2-3 paragraphs. 
What was the most interesting this we discussed today? Why? What impact does it have on the world now? What is its importance? 


CH 22 quiz has been pushed back to 3/21 Tuesday. If you have already done it--great!
Exam Unit 6 (ch 19-22) will be on Wednesday 3/29/17. Study guide to follow. 

SP2: Ex. 13 & 15

MAKE SURE YOU FINISH Ex 13 & 15 for all who did not finish in class.
For those who missed due to sports, do exercises 12-15 ALL.