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Vamos a aprender mas del idimoa español como los tensos pertérito y imperfecto. 
Parar ver la silaba, mira abajo. 
Por favor, mira a mi calendario. 
¡Es muy importante estudiar cada noche para 20 minutos!
It's very important for a nightly study routine of about 20 minutes! Second languages do not come easy to most, and therefore, you must put effort into this class nightly. 
Crédito Extra
  • Complete a whole level (A,B,C) of @HomeTutor and take a screenshot. Then send me an email! (I'll allow 5 per unit for 1 point each).  This opportunity begins at Unit 1: Lección 1 and applies only to the grammar sections. Ex. Unit 1 Lesson 1: -ar preterite could be 5 points from the @HomeTutor.  This amounts to 15 points towards each test. (Does not apply to the Preliminary Lesson)
  • Para y Piensa: 6 videos per lesson worth 1 point each.
  • Remember to check the website for various questions hidden throughout my page!
  • Homework is due daily at the start of class and is to be placed in the box/ or on my desk. 99% of the time homework is a graded assignment, however, you may submit it late the next day for a least half credit (50%). After this time it is a zero. This is a high school subject, and time for the student to take responsibility, so I will not ask twice for homework. 
    Please check the calendar for the discussion and exercises for the day. Test days are bolded. I hold the right to give a pop quiz at any point.  Tests contain mostly written portions, although some contain oral portions. 

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Recent Posts

Sp2: CW 4/18

Took Quiz
in class group work Telehistorias 1, 2, 3 w/ ex. 3, 9, 16, & 17
turned in ex. 11 & 14
Ex. 20 is quiz grade due 4/19
Don't forget any quiz corrections!


Students reviewed what has been covered in U3 thus far, we worked through quiz corrections. Students also took time in class to work on Culture day project for Puerto Rico.