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Course Description

In this class, we will learn basic conversations, present tense, and food! 
Please visit Señor Jordan's site to see the videos we will use.
(While I'm on maternity leave, Señor Jordan will compose a lot of the lessons, so please stay on task, and replay if need be)
Homework is due at the start of class and is to be placed in the box/ or on my desk. 99% of the time homework is a graded assignment, however, you may submit it late the next day for a least half credit (50%). After this time it is a zero. This is a high school subject, and time for the student to take responsibility, so I will not ask twice for homework.
Please check the calendar for the discussion and exercises for the day. Test days are bolded. I hold the right to give a pop quiz at any point.  Tests contain mostly written portions, although some contain oral portions. 
Please check the calendar for the discussion and exercises for the day. Test days are bolded. I hold the right to give a pop quiz at any point.  Tests are written but occasionally include an oral portion.
Independent Study of Spanish 1: will receive a weekly plan of what to accomplish with a test/quiz on the last day of each week. This will rely much more heavily on Señor Jordan's explanation and practice videos. Then completing the assignments I have assigned. Of course, at any time, please ask me questions!  Also, there may be times when I require the use of the Señor Joran worksheet, which can also be found on this page. 
  • Complete a whole level (A,B,C) of @HomeTutor and take a screenshot. Then send me an email! (I will only count these if they are emailed) I'll allow 5 per unit for 1 point each.  This opportunity begins at Unit 1: Lección 1 and applies only to the grammar sections. Ex. Unit 1 Lesson 1: -ar preterite could be 5 points from the @HomeTutor.  This amounts to 15 points towards each test. (Does not apply to the Preliminary Lesson) ONLY for the Primary Lesson (Leccion Preliminar) you may hand write all of the vocab 5x each, and turn in before the test. 
  • Para y Piensa: 6 videos per lesson worth 1 point each.
  • Remember to check the website for various questions hidden throughout my page!

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Recent Posts


We continued review of U3, focusing on lesson 1 for half of the class period, the second portion of class we spent time reviewing pages 172-175 Comparatives and Telehistoria 2. 


In class the students participated in a review game to practice all material covered in U3 in preparation for upcoming test. 


Students were passed out a review packet which provided additional practice on material covered for U3. Students worked on this during class. 


Today we continued review and practice of guitar on pages 145-151. 
Students were assigned for Homework the Telehistoria read & translate on page 148 & page 151 ex. 13-15. 


Today we covered the begin vocal for U3L2 on pages 140-145 and completed practice exercises in textbook along with review of gustar. 

03/08 & 03/09

We spent the remainder of the week reviewing what has been covered in U3L1. 
The estar packet c. 76-78 was also covered in class and we worked through the packet together in class.


Today we had a Pop Quiz covering grammar and vocab from U3L1. 
After our pop quiz, we continued review of Ir which means to go. 
No Homework.


Today we continued practicing what we learned on Friday (Estar & Ir). We also covered the Telehistoria on pages 123-125 and Ir pages 120-121. 
No homework was assigned.


Today we continued covering vocal in Unit 3 Lesson 1 and spent time working through pages 115-117. 
We learned about Estar: to be and Ir: to go. 


We continued review of Vocab in Unit 3 and Lesson 1 by covering the Telehistoria 1 on page 112 in the textbook.


Today we began review of Vocab in Unit 3 Lesson 1.
We covered pages 110-111 in textbook.
Assigned c. 73 in Homework.