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Spanish 2

Haley Harris
2017-2018 School Year
High School
Vamos a aprender mas del idimoa español como los tensos pertérito y imperfecto. 
Parar ver la silaba, mira abajo. 
Por favor, mira a mi calendario. 
¡Es muy importante estudiar cada noche para 20 minutos!
It's very important for a nightly study routine of about 20 minutes! Second languages do not come easy to most, and therefore, you must put effort into this class nightly. 
Crédito Extra
  • Complete a whole level (A,B,C) of @HomeTutor and take a screenshot. Then send me an email! (I'll allow 5 per unit for 1 point each).  This opportunity begins at Unit 1: Lección 1 and applies only to the grammar sections. Ex. Unit 1 Lesson 1: -ar preterite could be 5 points from the @HomeTutor.  This amounts to 15 points towards each test. (Does not apply to the Preliminary Lesson)
  • Para y Piensa: 6 videos per lesson worth 1 point each.
  • Remember to check the website for various questions hidden throughout my page!
  • Homework is due daily at the start of class and is to be placed in the box/ or on my desk. 99% of the time homework is a graded assignment, however, you may submit it late the next day for a least half credit (50%). After this time it is a zero. This is a high school subject, and time for the student to take responsibility, so I will not ask twice for homework. 
    Please check the calendar for the discussion and exercises for the day. Test days are bolded. I hold the right to give a pop quiz at any point.  Tests contain mostly written portions, although some contain oral portions. 


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Past Assignments


see details attached


Culture Day: Argentina!
*no peanuts*


Ex. 21 pg. 51
minimum 6 sentences
(on separate sheet of paper)
DUE at beginning of class!!!